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where elegance and innovation intertwine to create captivating brand identities.

Welcome to Vera Vienna

Embark on a journey where timeless aesthetics meet modern creativity, crafting brand stories that leave an indelible mark. With a passion for minimalism and an eye for sophistication, we transform visions into extraordinary visual narratives. Explore our world of enchantment, where every design whispers tales of beauty, authenticity, and the essence of Vera Vienna.

Meet the designer of your dreams...

She's a devoted wife, a loving #dogmommy, an adored aunt, daughter, sister, and cherished friend. An accomplished designer, a skilled crafter, and an unwavering enthusiast of all things Crayola! While her daily life embraces every color in the rainbow and the latest tech accessories, her design approach leans gracefully into Minimalism. Sam's two hearts beat for neutrals and harmonious tones, adding elegance to every creation.

The truth is, Sam is a radiant blend of sunshines and rainbows. 

Don't just judge a book by its cover...

Born with TWO HEARTS?!? YEP! Get the Tea!

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Elevate your brand with bespoke design solutions that reflect your unique essence. From captivating logos that tell your story to harmonious color palettes that resonate, our services are a symphony of timeless elegance and modern innovation. Let's collaborate to craft a brand identity that not only stands out but also leaves an indelible mark. Explore how our design expertise can transform your vision into a captivating reality.

Tailored Elegant Design

No matter which class you board, Vera Vienna Design House is committed to guiding your brand's journey with precision, instilling trust, and painting your unique narrative across the digital skies through captivating visuals and a turbulence-free online presence.


Embark on a hassle-free content journey with Vera Vienna's Subscription Services. Let us navigate your brand's content planning, craft engaging captions, design eye-catching graphics, and take your presence to new heights with Meta Paid Ads. Elevate your online experience with us.


Explore Vera Vienna's À La Carte Services, where you can handpick the design elements that suit your brand's needs. From captivating print designs to custom social media templates, animated GIFs, thorough brand evaluations, and unique offerings tailored to your specific requirements. Your design journey, your way.


What our frequent flyers say

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I have been working with Sam for many years. To say that DWD would not be the brand it is without her expertise is an understatement! Not only does she have an impeccable eye for design, but she knows how to execute it as well. Additionally, she is amazing at writing catchy and meaningful social media captions. She has been a Godsend to me & DWD!

Dana lewis, owner | DWD Travel & Destination Weddings

We had the absolute pleasure of working with the incredible Samantha Robertson!  From the get-go, Sam was a dynamo of creativity and enthusiasm. We kicked off the process with a detailed questionnaire, and she hit the ground running after some serious sleuthing into our digital realm. Sam not only took our existing vibe and cranked it up to eleven, but she also introduced us to brand-new concepts that we didn't even know we needed – like these awesome brand patterns that have us doing a happy dance! We are head over heels in love with the direction she steered us, utilizing our essence and making it even more 'us'. It's like she knew our brand's heart and soul and sprinkled her creative fairy dust to make it shine brighter than ever! Now, armed with these fresh logos and designs, we're ready to elevate Lisell Travel's brand to new heights. If you're on the lookout for a branding maestro who turns dreams into reality and leaves you grinning from ear to ear, we wholeheartedly recommend Sam!

Melissa Lisell, Executive Vice President | Lissel Travel



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